A Safari Adventure at the OKC Zoo

okc zoo expedition africa

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the wilds of Africa, right in the heart of Oklahoma City. At the OKC Zoo’s Expedition Africa, you’ll encounter the continent’s most fascinating creatures, from towering giraffes to elusive leopards, all without leaving the Midwest.

Expedition Africa isn’t just a zoo exhibit; it’s a thrilling adventure that takes visitors on a safari through the diverse landscapes of Africa. You’ll learn about the animals’ unique behaviors, their habitats, and the conservation efforts that are helping to protect them.

OKC Zoo Expedition Africa

So strap on your safari hat and get ready to explore the wonders of Africa at the OKC Zoo. It’s an experience that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the world’s wildlife and the vital role zoos play in their preservation. From the savannah grasslands where antelopes roam, to the marshlands, home of astonishing bird species, the experience is an exhilarating tribute to the richness and diversity of Africa’s wildlife and landscapes. Every enclosure, it’s own little African paradise, engages visitors visually and knowledgeably, deepening their understanding and appreciation for these amazing creatures.

The Vision Behind the Expansion

Expedition Africa, as a significant exhibit at the OKC Zoo, embodies more than just the display of African wildlife. The vision behind its expansion encompasses a broader goal – fostering a secure future for these incredible creatures by facilitating education and conservation. This ambitious goal stems from the understanding that zoos play an essential role in spearheading

efforts for the care and survival of endangered species. Emphasizing sustainability throughout its design, the exhibit maintains environments replicating natural habitats – a commendable approach illustrating OKC Zoo’s commitment to animal welfare.

What to Expect in Terms of Wildlife and Habitats


Showcasing numerous species native to Africa, Expedition Africa offers a safari-like journey without leaving Oklahoma City. Visitors witness the majesty of giraffes, the power of lions, the spectacle of zebras, and the elegance of flamingos, among other exciting fauna. Each animal is housed in an environment designed to mimic its natural habitat, lending authenticity to the expedition.

Planning Your Visit to OKC Zoo Expedition Africa

Immerse yourself in the authentic African safari experience, right in the heart of Oklahoma City. This guide assists in maximizing your adventure in the OKC Zoo’s Expedition Africa, encompassing logistical details, recommendations for the best times to visit, and practical tips for families and groups. Remember, your visit fosters a radiant future for the awe-inspiring species of Africa, traversing the fields of education and conservation.

Best Times to Visit

To truly immerse in the wilderness of Expedition Africa, timing plays a pivotal role. The exhibit tends to be less crowded during weekdays, especially Tuesday through Thursday. Visit during the cooler months, i.e., from October to April, deters excess heat and potential summer rushes.

Alternatively, early mornings right after the OKC Zoo opens its gates provide a tranquil ambiance, allowing you to interact with the exhibits in a more intimate setting. The animals being more active during these hours, enhances your chances of close encounters.

Tips for Families and Groups

Expedition Africa appeals to visitors of all ages, rendering it a perfect destination for families and large groups. A few strategic planning measures can enhance the experience. Start by familiarizing with the map of OKC Zoo; knowing the layout facilitates finding exhibits, restaurants, and restrooms. Comfortable walking shoes, sun protection gear such as hats and sunglasses, and bottled water are essentials to a convenient experience. For younger visitors, the OKC Zoo rents strollers and wagons that save small legs from fatigue.


Expedition Africa at the OKC Zoo isn’t just a trip to see African wildlife; it’s an immersive educational journey that brings the diverse landscapes of Africa to Oklahoma City. It’s a testament to the zoo’s commitment to conservation, offering a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about and connect with endangered species.